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the authors craft in my book is very good if you have ever read  Gary Paulson  it is very good this is a line from the hatchet one of his books it puts a great picture in your mind.  I like to when the book has a lot of detail and little words.  Like in my book when terry is shifting his car they give such great detail it puts a good picture in your mind or when Waylon hit the guy and he started to bleed.  Or when Wayne said that you drive like steely moss. when terry was drifting around the corners when they were on the way to wayne’s  but the best part was when wayne  put in the turbo charger for terry.  some of the lame parts was when they were playing poker in the log  cabin it was amost like  gary had kinda got a littel lazy.  

this was a very good book for athours craft


In my book the car it has very good themes there is alot of freindship in my book because he has made alot of freinds along the way he has made freinds with himself and met good people along the way.  He has met waylon and wanye he realy likes them waylon is almost a dad to terry and I think that that is very good.  It is almost like he lost his family but made a new one on the way wayne is a very good guy to because he helped terry but in a turbo on the car. He has also had gainded a great freind ship with the car its almost like he and the car became 1 as farther they got.

I also think that terry had became freinds with himself  thinking that parents mean nothing in his life and that he wants to fix cars for the rest of his life  and i also think that he learent alot from sam.

Terry also became goood freinds with the united stats of ameirca he had learned alot on his great trip and i think that it changed his life for ever


In the newist chnck of my book i am really getting to know my people.  When you read my book you start haveing a freindship with them  my charectors names are waylon ,wayne ,samuel,suze and terry.  waylon was in the vetnam war with wayne.  waylon is a home sexual so i dont see how he whent to vetnam and he can kill people without even hitting them but he can play the guitar very well and when they said that i thought of jimi hendricks did you know that jimi hendricks faked being gay so he wouldent get drafted for the vetnam war.  Then there is wayne when he got out of the war he whent and bought a bike and drove all across the states then 6 mothes later he found waylon and they whent trucking(road trip) But he now has a shop and paints gas tanks for bikes.

Terry was just a normal kid he had a mom and a dad but they were almost always fighting he siad he had never remembered a happy time  with his parents.  He had loved to fix engeins he had a lawn mover that he pput toghter all by him self and he had it tuned to perfectoin.  He had a job mowing lawns he worked every day and saved $1300 his dad was a car micanic and his mom would go out all day and shop but not come home with any bags.   then he had a car that was a kit car.  Terryu did not know how to drive stick so he had to learn he fixed it up and got on the open road then he found waylon.\

Samuel is a very old man and he loves  to at sugar it hasent siad yet but I  think he was in vetnam with them to he was mabey ther captin or something like that but he had put 54 heaping spoon fulls of sugar in his coffee. but his a vey simple man he lives at a garbage dump  i think that he is a cool old man he has pictures of ladys on his wall When they said we are going  to see sam i thought he was going to be young.


this week in the class room we are doing novels we started them the other day and mr fisher let us pick are novel i picked the car by Gary Paulsen it is a very good  book so far.  it has a very good intro to the book.  terry wakes up in his bed from his parents fighting.  he thinks that he can never  remember  a happy time with his parents.  so he eats breakfast and leaves to go cut lawns.  when he is home he sees no one  is there so he works on his lawn mower for a while then sleeps. he is very good with engines. so when n he wakes up his parents are still not there so now he is worried. then a couple of minutes later the phone rings it was his mom saying i cant take it with your father no more i am leaving you with him then hung up the phone. 10  minute  later his father called saying i am leaving u with your mom . so he was scared for a while then remembered the car.  it was a mg -dt s it was a kit car with a 1972 ford pinto

but the car had a problem with antifreeze and when he is driveing it around the block it starts just steeming and jushing smoke from the engin.

In my opion this was a very good start to a very good book but it was kinda cheesey that first his mom called then his dad called.  they could have both been there and there were fighting and then he yells I don’t want you two as my parents and then they both leave him.

I think that in the end his is going to get in troble because you think what about school some one has got to know that he is gone or even his job.  Then they might go over to his house to get him and then he will be gone.

this is what the book cover looks like

I thought that this was a good vidoe of what the mg td s might look like


In 2025 I will  28 and i have to start thinking about what i am going to do with my life.  In school we did  test on career crusing you are asked 116 questions about what you like or dont like. here are the top ten jobs that oi got

1. Farm Equipment Technician
2. Heavy Equipment Technician
3. Elevator Installer and Repairer
4. Avionics Tech
5. Set Designer
6. Blacksmith
7. Diesel Technician
8. Machinist
9. Tool and Die Maker
10. Millwright

I thought that this was a very good thing to do because i had never heard of thoughs jobs now i am considering them  befor i did not no what a farm equitment tec.  we also had to make a poster ov what we wonted to do with are lifes i made mine to be a travaling musisan on the road but hen we did the test and i thought hey i would love to do thoughts kinds of things.  because i love to work with my hands.  If i had to work behind adesk i would go crazy.  we also had to do a survey that the techer gave out.  this was a very good idea that we did this.  we may only be about 13 to 14 but its good to satart thinking about are lifes at a young age.  here are someoof the jobs look like


In school we are doing graphs their are lots of graphs there are line graphs bar graphs there are pie graphs we went on to stats canada. we got are stats and but them into a spread sheet and we got these graphs. what I learned is that canada watches news and public affairs the most. canada watchs 62% of tv thats from other contreys and canada watches 38% of there tv. canada hardly watchs music and dance but they love to watch sports but not as much as varity and games but there all time favirate is drama.


The other day I was watching the news and I heard that Canada is sending 90 troops to Afghanistan to train police and army. This was brought to the table by Canada’s defense minister peter McKay the after hearing the the news from the Prime Minister when Afghan President threatened to quit politics and join the taliban. I am not very happy with this because this stunt with the president could make the missoin alot longer then it needs to be. I think that it is good that canada is traning them though because that means that we can do there jobs for us and we can start pulling out of afganistan bu they have a name for changing sides on a flip of a coin. So i think that its good but very bad at the same time


when i was looking for something to wright i came upon this post on afrigadget
It was on man from Africa his name was Mr. Frederick Msiska of Nchenachena. He was making a sprayer for his farm this is really neat because if he can do it other people can do it to. So this means if hew ill not have to spread the pesticide number 1 it wont take up his d so he can do other things like go by more seeds, number 2 he wont have to get the pesticides all over him self. Then there is always the idea that he could put water in it so he could water his crops i think this a fantastic start for this man he could end up having his own company and selling to people in africa and he could sell it to people in north america to


When I say networking what do you think of, do you think about thoughts tricky little puzzles, or the very complex routes that planes and buses use. I think networks are a great thing to be teaching because lots of jobs use it. Networking has three key rules. If you master the rules you will master the art decoding the brain breaking puzzles
1. a network with more then 2 odd vertices is not traceable
2. a network with 2 odd vertices is traceable from one point
3. a network with no odd vertices it is traceable from all points
With thoughts you can do all the tricky problems your friends give you

When people in society use networking they use it for very complex jobs. such as buses. when a bus uses networking they get ther cornets put to ther gps and they use it. Think of what it would be like to be a bus driver back in the day. When i went to winnipeg on the bus I was thinking of the networking going through all the towns.

Networking would also be used in shipping things. They would have to be able to ship it to you the fastest way, now that I think of it shipping is what networking would be used for the most out of all the jobs.

Well thats all i have on networking for you today

your truly
skater for life
ps here are some brain busters


My hero is Terri fox I think Terri fox was a hero because he did so much for cancer research. He sacraficed
himself to make people feel like they belong and you can still have a good life when you have cancer. If you have not been told the story of terry fox then I will tell you Terri fox was a very athletic and full of energy he but he had got cancer in his leg and it had to be cut off. So when he got an artificial leg he decided to raise money and run across Canada so when he was running he got money from all the people cheering for him but he did not make his trip. He had died when he got to thunder bay he had raised $425.5 million dollars